Gift vouchers and gift cards

Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, ... all occasions are good to please. So why not offer a participation to a stay at the Tulipier de Virginie to rest after a good day's visit to the ZooParc de Beauval or the castles of the surrounding area.

If you don't find what you are looking for in the list below, don't hesitate to contact us. We might be able to find a solution to your request and enrich our catalogue !!!

Order your gift

Please select the type of gift of your choice and follow the procedure. At the end of the transaction you will receive your bank receipt, as well as an e-mail confirming your order. You will find all your information as well as the gift voucher or gift certificate attached. The gift voucher or gift certificate can also be sent directly by email to the beneficiary.

All the beneficiary of the Gift Voucher or Gift Certificate will have to do is call us on +336. to reserve the precise date of his/her stay according to availability.

Terms and conditions of use

The Gift Card is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. After this period, the Gift Card is no longer valid.

Prior reservation of the stay by the beneficiary is obligatory.

After reservation, no cancellation is possible. Up to 1 month before the date, a postponement of the stay is possible within the limit of the card's validity date. If the beneficiary does not show up on the fixed dates, the gift voucher is considered lost and cannot be used at a later date.

In the event of non-use, loss or destruction of your voucher or gift voucher, neither the purchaser nor the beneficiary will be able to claim a refund or any compensation whatsoever.

The gift voucher is valid for the number of persons indicated. In case of presentation of a higher number of persons, Tulipier de Virginie reserves the right to refuse the service. Neither the buyer nor the beneficiary will be able to claim a refund or any other compensation.

During his/her stay, the beneficiary undertakes to respect the rules of the establishment regarding arrival and departure times, breakfast times, respect of the premises, prohibition of animals, etc. For more details, the Tulipier de Virginie's General Terms and Conditions of Sale are available here