The Beauval Zoo

If you choose to stay at Le Tulipier de Virginie, you mustn't miss the vibsit to the Beauval Zoo.

The Beauval Zoo, only 4 miles from the B & B, is the top attraction of the entire region.  Named “The Most Beautiful Zoo in Europe” it should not be missed.  To see the different shows, to observe the pandas, the hippos, the white tigers, some 8000 animals in all, you will need to spend at least one day.

Historical Escapades : Castles

Coming to the Valleys of the Loire and the Cher should obviously include discovering our historical and architectural treasures.

Chenonceau Castle

One of the most popular châteaux in France, with almost 900,00 visitors per year.  Its exceptional design, in spanning the lovely Cher River, its richly furnished and decorated interiors and its impeccable Renaissance gardens have kept the reputation of this “Château des Dames” as a must.  Take the time to see the added attractions such as the Gallery of Horse-Drawn Carriages, the 16th-century farm, stroll through the vast Flower/Vegetable Garden and get lost in the Labyrinth, a real maze of hedges.


The château of Chambord is by far the largest, most impressive castle of the Loire with its 426 rooms and 282 chimneys. It is a fabulous architectural creation, especially for its double-spiral staircase set in the middle of this château. From the upper terraces of the castle you have an unforgettable view of the Chambord Domain, as vast as the city of Paris.


The château that inspired the well-loved “Tintin” comic books, this castle is stylishly furnished and decorated. You may also discover the Kennels, the Tintin exhibit and the gardens in the forest park. Whatever the season, you will be doubly tempted by its very popular special exhibits set up in this stately manor house: October Rose, Christmas at the Châteaux, Hunting, etc.

Chaumont sur Loire

The Domaine of Chaumont-sur Loire is not only famous for its annual International Garden Festival which brings in tens of thousands of visitors every year. It also can include the lovely visit of the Château itself, its historic park, its 19th-century horse stables, a memorable visit indeed.

And all the others!

The Château Royal of Blois, Amboise and the Clos Lucé (Leonardo da Vinci's last residence), Loches...  Situated within 30 miles of the B & B, come discover the treasures of the rich French heritage that attract visitors all year from the four corners of the Earth.

Recreational Escapades

Are you rather inclined to keep active ? Your choice: will you move by land, by air or by water ?
Whatever the case, we have enough of each to entertain everyone in the family.

By Land

  • Walking trails:  some 200 miles of marked trails are in place in Noyers and in the surrounding villages with maps available to discover the diversity of landscapes and local heritage.
  • Horse-riding centres
  • Donkey rides
  • Cycling circuits

By Air

Fly over the castles of the region in a hot-air balloon or in an ultralight aircraft.

What better way to admire these majestic sites with such impressive, unobstructed views from above!

By Water

  • Indoor and Outdoor pools in St. Aignan, Contres and Montrichard
  • Leisure Centre and Water park
  • Canoeing, Windsurfing and Kayaking.
  • Fishing at Noyers' Canal du Berry or in the Cher
  • “Island Beach” on the Cher

Culinary Escapades

The regional dishes are perhaps not listed in the high echelons of French cuisine, but “simple” local products are absolutely recommended for their richly delightful taste. So treat yourself while you are here!

The Goat Cheese

Our famous cheeses:  Selles-sur-Cher, Valençay, Pouligny Saint Pierre... names that make any Frenchman melt.  But why not step into a local Cheese Shop and bring back a few heavenly cheeses to savour one evening in the garden or to take home to share at the end of your stay ?

Crédit photo : C. Lazi - CRT Centre-Val de Loire


Crédit Photo credit : T. Martrou - CRT Centre-Val de Loire 

The Touraine Wines

Red, white , rosé or sparkling wine?  Many of our local winegrowers will be happy to let you discover their products according to your preferences. Many have won national awards and several have converted to organic and biodynamic methods.  Just a reminder that abuse of alcohol is dangerous for one's health, so only drink in moderation.


And more...

  • Why not learn to make your own chocolates in the studios of Max Vauché, Master Chocolatier, and indulge in a gourmet break at his Choco'Bar in Bracieux (near Cheverny and Chambord)?
  • You are In for a delightful surprise at the “Cave champignonnière” (mushroom cave) in nearby Bourré. 150 feet beneath the surface, there are mushrooms growing, the most delicious varieties that can be grown, and sold by the kilo afterwards if you like. See where all the Tuffeau stones from the castles and our B & B where taken from and how they were cut.  At the end of the visit, you'll find an amazing underground village sculpted into the rock.